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It was AWEEEESOOOOME! Next year I will be back with my girls!

Sabrina S.

I came all the way to London for this! It was an AMAZING atmosphere! Definitely coming back for this next year!

Marius B.

I had an unforgettable day with my boyfriend at the Holi Festival Of Colours. He is the only person I love more than Benga!! Holiiiiiii ❤

Maria L.

What a great line-up you put up there! BENGA was off the hoook! But it should be longer!!!! At least until 2! 

Marc F.

A great way to get away from the every day student life! You can come to London every weekend if it were up to me! Peace, Love & Holi-Harmonie 

Laura N.

I had a lot of fun! Maybe a few more spots of shade would be great?1 Apart from that great job and I will be back next year!

Mandy B.

That sooooo amazing! Like every year! I will def be back next year!!!!

Kevin S.
Only beautiful people around :) Wonderful! I even met my boyfriend there! 
Patricia B.
What a celebration. My girls and I had the best day of the summer at the Holi Festival Of Colours. We will always be back for more! *xoxo*
Sally F.

A little bit more hip hop would be dope! Some awesome trap! But awesome stuff with the colours! BAM!

T. Upac from L.A.
Some more house would be nice. Apart from that everything was perfect. IZZY TRIXX is soooooo dope! Great attitude!
Patrick D.
One day before the Holi my boyfriend broke up with me :( So my girlfriends thought they should drag me to this Holi thing get my spirits up. I thought they were crazy. But what I experienced at the Holi was unbelievable - I was completely ripped out of my slump: so much fun - I could just be myself! The pain was forgotten.. and there were also a few nice boys at the festival ;) 
I will definitely be coming back to this and now I wil be dragging my girls along not the other way around :P
Thank you Holi - you are amazing!
Fran J.

Awesome atmosphere and great drinks! Music was dope! Had 1 nice day with the guys!


MEGA coooooooool atmosphere, great organisation, awesome peeps. We will be backl next year for sure!

Anna L.

the festival was amazing, even the weather played along! I do find it a bit sad, that the music is not really fitting for an indian festival, no bollywood tunes.


What an awesome experience - will be coming back next year fo sho! Already looking forward to it. 


AMAZEBALLS!!! :D The colours were so much fun, especially if you added some water ;) Next year I will bring all my friends to this! 

Sebastian S

Awesome stuff! Looking forward to it!


Amazing atmosphere last year, hope for more of the same this year!

Catherine S.

That was my first ever festival and it will definitely not be the last! Much better than expected and the DJs were great!

Robin aus Leipzig

I have to say, for me and my girls it was the first Holi and we were blown away. We will definitely be back!

Lina S.

Great Music, awesome peeps, great location, perfect weather, what more does woman want :D


This year was my first Holi and it was amzing! The crowd went wild! These DJs were so much better then many of the famous DJs.

Laura F.

Was awesome last time, already waiting longingly for next year!!!!! 


It was just dope, back again next year


It was my first time and it was amazing. The atmosphere, the beautiful people - everyone should experience this once in their lives. The sea of colours and the music, such harmony. Coming back next year with my girls for sure!


Great, like every year thanks to Sarah at the Bar - quick and always friendly, even when everything was packed. Of course we will be coming back next year.


It was an amazing festival. The atmosphere, the locations, everything just came together. We partied like we haven't in a loooong time. Music was great, something there for everybody and never boring. Looking forward to next year.


We have been 10 of us we shared great moments!!!


many joyful peeps, seldom seen anyone, including me, be sooo happy to have coloured powder thrown in their face :) !! really, big thumbs up


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